Do your bit

Cachoeira no Parque Nacional dos Veadeiros. rel=
Waterfall in the Veadeiros National Park (Goiás)
© Aldem Bourscheit/WWF-Brasil

To know is to preserve

The best way to preserve the Cerrado is to know more about it.  Make the Cerrado more widely known as an important area that deserves to be preserved. Our environmental assets are a valuable heritage and the greater the number of people that become aware of their importance, the better chance we have of preserving them.

Be a responsible consumer

Responsible consumption is the simple act of starting to choose what we are going to consume using the criterion of the impact our consumption will generate on society and on the environment.
We actually have tremendous power in our hands to influence the socio-environmental impacts generated by irrational use of natural resources.
Thus, before we buy anything we should ask ourselves: 
  • Do I really need this product or service?
  • Is it economical? …non polluting?
  • Can it be re-cycled?
  • Are its ingredients or components acquired with due respect for human health and the conservation of the environment?
  • Is it safe?
  • Does the company respect its workers’ rights?
  • Does the company respect consumers’ rights?