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Incêndio em Lábrea, no extremo sul do estado do Amazonas, que fica na divisa com o Acre e Rondônia, que é o segundo município com mais focos da Amazônia ao longo do mês de setembro.

Forest fires: Amazon already has the worst situation since 2010

Biome had 85,000 fire outbreaks recorded between January and September, an increase of 55% compared to the same period last year

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Desmatamento na Amazônia Legal, Estado do Mato Grosso, imagem de 2021

European Parliament approves new rule against products from deforestation areas

Proposed law protects the Cerrado and other ecosystems, requires traceability to the farm, and includes respect for indigenous peoples' rights

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Amazon had 1,600 km2 deforested in August, 80% more than in 2021

The devastated area is slightly larger than that of Greater London; forest fires in the first week of september set new records

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Carolina Blanca Alvarez Fretes (park guard of guyra Paraguay) and Fernando de Almeida Louveira (Neotrópica Foundation)

Technology strengthens firefighting in the Serra da Bodoquena National Park

Donation of drone with thermal sensor and training for firefighters provide more security and strategic vision in actions against fires in Mato ...

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Queimadas na TI Mãe Maria, no Pará

Amazon had worst August fires in 12 years

Number of fire outbreaks skyrocketed in the last four years; more than 40.000 just in 2022

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Fronteira agrícola em Correntina, na Bahia

In Brazil, local government authorized deforestation of Cerrado area bigger than 94 cities of Paris

Between 2007 and 2021, the Brazilian state of Bahia authorized the removal of more than 2,4 million acres of native vegetation

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Publications, researchs and studies

WWF-Brazil's virtual library containing analyses, technical information, and proposed solutions for several environmental issues.

Publications, Researchs and Studies

Desmatamento na Amazônia Legal, Estado do Mato Grosso, imagem de 2021

Deforestation increases by 70% in the first four months of the year

It is the worst result for the month of April since 2016: DETER System recorded an area of 1,012 km² under alert in the Amazon

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Tatu-bola (Tolypeutes tricinctus) no Parque Nacional das Emas - Goiás

Expansion of agriculture and livestock reduce biodiversity in the Cerrado and Amazon, study finds

Most species lost between 25% and 65% of their original distribution area, with Cerrado species being the most impacted

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Limite entre área de vegetação nativa do Cerrado e desmatamento

Cerrado deforestation is the biggest since 2016

'Matopiba' states lead destruction of Brazil's second largest biome

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Fachada do Congresso Nacional

Bill 510: 5 reasons to stop this project that favors land grabbing

In the middle of the pandemic, the bill was placed on the Federal Senate agenda without any debate in commissions

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Pantanal magazine

WWF-Brasil launches magazine on Pantanal

The magazine brings together environmental and cultural conservation

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Lucely Pio conhece as folhas, as raízes e até as entrecascas das espécies nativas do Cerrado. Seu ofício é curar dores e doenças com os ingredientes da farmácia viva que cerca sua comunidade. Ela vive em Goiás e seu quintal é a savana mais biodiversa do mundo.

Stories of struggle and perseverance to keep the Cerrado alive

Land conflicts, deforestation and invasions. This is the portrait that hides behind the landscapes of the Brazilian savannah, the second largest ...

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