Mother and daughter in defense of the Amazon

03 novembro 2021    
Neidinha Suruí and Txai Suruí
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A movie about Neidinha Suruí and Txai Suruí, socio-environmental activists from Rondônia state, in Brazil, is one of the highlights of an online film festival aimed at climate issues

“Even in my worst nightmares I didn't think that we were going to have so much deforestation, so much climate change, so much invasion, so much loss of rights”, says Neidinha Suruí, socio-environmental activist for over 30 years and co-founder of the Kanindé Ethno-environmental Defense Association, a reference in the Amazon.

“We need to fight more and we need, mainly, to bring people to our side in this fight”, adds Neidinha. Tireless, she keeps in the front line sided by her daughter, Txai Suruí, 24 years old, the only Brazilian indigenous person to speak at the opening of COP26, in Glasgow, Scotland.

The story of mother and daughter is told in the movie “Believing in a New World”, the result of a partnership between WWF-Brazil and WWF-UK, which is on display at the Climate Crisis Film Festival, an online film festival started on Monday. The festival is filled with impacting and revealing stories about activists and people affected by the climate crisis.

“I always say that indigenous peoples suffer from the causes and consequences of climate change. Among the causes we have mining itself, deforestation, fires, greater drought... changes in the rains that have been harming our crop fields, our plantations”, says Txai in the film.

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Neidinha Suruí and Txai Suruí
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