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WWF-Brazil position note on the appointment of Ricardo Salles to the Ministry of Environmen

10 Dezembro 2018   |  
Amazon forest
© WWF/Michel Gunther
Brasília, DF - The Ministry of the Environment is a strategic govern department for Brazil to urgently advance as a country that seeks sustainable development, where social justice and economic prosperity go side by side with the rational use of natural resources.

WWF-Brazil reiterates the indispensable role of the Ministry of the Environment in reducing deforestation in the country.

This is fundamental to position Brazilian agriculture and livestock with tremendous competitive advantages in the international market, so important for the sector. The illegal destruction of our forests in the Amazon and Cerrado reduce the competitiveness of Brazilian products in the face of a global market that seeks products free of deforestation. In addition, it will also jeopardize the fulfillment of the commitments made by Brazil in the Paris Agreement, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and the Convention on Biological Diversity.

"The Ministry of the Environment has the role of balancing environmental issues in other government departments, thus ensuring that Brazil has the necessary measures to protect our immense natural heritage strategically. It is also essential that MMA be able to dialogue with the various sectors of society, since the right to a healthy environment applies to all, this and future generations." Mauricio Voivodic, Executive Director of WWF-Brazil.

Most deforestation in the Amazon continues to be caused by illegal activities, which continue unpunished in the Brazilian justice system. We are destroying the motive of national pride. It is essential that these activities are strongly controlled, and those who commit environmental crimes are punished with rigor.
Amazon forest
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