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GTPS Celebrates 10 Years and Discusses the Future of Sustainable Livestock in Brazil

14 Novembro 2017   |  
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Text: GTPS
Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the Brazilian Roundtable For Sustainable Livestock (GTPS) promotes a series of debates on November 16, from 1:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., at the WTC Events Center in São Paulo. The event is an integral part of the official programming of the “Circuito InterCorte 2017” event. 
“The GTPS 10th anniversary” will be attended by important agribusiness leaders, discussing the past advances of livestock production in the last ten years, and the future opportunities including the democratization of access to socio-environmental compliance tools. 
“The GTPS 10th anniversary” will be divided into three large panels.  
The first one "Challenges of Brazilian Livestock and Sustainable Development", will be presented by Luis Cornacchioni (ABAG), Cleber Soares (Embrapa), Coriolano Xavier(ESPM), and Sérgio de Zen,(ESALQ). The debate will single out remaining weaknesses in the Brazilian livestock production system, and  discuss how to address them towards sustainable development of livestock production in Brazil. 
In the second part of the event, the panel "Engagement of the Value Chain in the Development of Livestock", will have a representative from each GTPS category presenting his/her views on how the fragilities presented in the previous panel are manifested in their daily lives. 
Will compose the second panel Caio Penido (Grupo Roncador - Producer), Taciano Custódio (Minerva – Meat  Industry) , Thais Fontes (Rabobank - Bank), Breno Felix (Agrotools CTO – Input and Services) , Leonardo Lima (Arcos Dourados – Retail) , and Ivens Domingos (WWF – NGO) . The first two panels will be mediated by the journalist Tobias Ferraz. 
The third panel "The Role of Round Tables for the Continual Evolution of Value Chains", will be presented by Ruy Fachini Filho (GTPS), Dennis Laycraft (GRSB), Cid Sanches, (RTRS) in Brazil and Bernardo Pires (ABIOVE).  
The event closes with the launch of the new platform that will help all the links of the value chain in the quest for sustainability. 
November 16 is a double landmark, it is also the official launch of TerraSafe - a Serasa AgroTools product that will democratize access to socio-environmental compliance. 
TerraSafe, already recognized and used by large agribusiness corporations as best known method for deforestation monitoring, becomes more potent with the simplification of access that will allow access to anyone interested in managing social and environmental risks. This unprecedented strategic alliance between Serasa Experian and AgroTools, will deliver a product fully aligned with GTPS guidelines.  
“GTPS 10th anniversary” event is a GTPS production sponsored by WWF Brazil, Santander, AgroTools, Serasa Experian, Elanco, Rural Union of Campo Grande (MS), Mato Grosso do Sul Agricultural Federation (FAMASUL), Arcos Dourados, Norvida, Acrimat, Wessel and Novilho Precoce. 
“The GTPS 10th anniversary” 
Date: 16 November Time: 13:00 to 18:30 
Local: WTC Events Center (Golden Hall – Elevador Laranja) Adress: Av. das Nações Unidas, 12551- São Paulo – SP 
About GTPS: 
In a Round Table format, the Sustainable Livestock Working Group (GTPS) is the first global association on sustainable practices in the beef chain and a reference for countries such as Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico and Australia. The GTPS, made up of representatives from different segments that integrate the bovine cattle breeding value chain in Brazil, has the mission of promoting the development of sustainable livestock through chain linkage, continuous improvement and dissemination of information. 
Pecuária no Pantanal.
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