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We have arrived at a critical moment. The draft Forest Law reform bill is back to the House of Representatives for voting.
Why should we be concerned about that?

The alterations to current legislation proposed in the draft Brazilian Forest Law reform bill will clearly bring with them severe damage and negative impacts on forest, rural and urban communities, ecosystems, forests, biodiversity and even on agriculture itself, insofar as it depends on the soils, water and climate to be productive. It is perfectly possible to increase agricultural productivity levels without the need to for any new waves of deforestation. To do so, we need to invest in the recuperation of degraded areas.

Brazilian society is mobilising to prevent this Forest Law bill from stimulating deforestation, destroying ecosystems and putting at risk the integrity of forests and water resources with negative consequences for Brazilian society and the world at large, due to the possibility of huge increases in greenhouse gas emissions.

The video makes a simple but vivid illustration of the tragic impacts of deforestation on Brazilian people’s lives in both rural and urban areas.

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